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As Stephanie’s manager for over five years, I’ve come to know her as a dedicated, imaginative, incisive reporter and writer… regularly and reliably producing brilliant stories and truly deep analysis, burrowing into subjects where others are all too often willing to accept the common and received wisdom.

–David Rosenbaum, Editor

Stephanie is a veteran reporter who knows how to find and connect with the right sources and deliver thorough, engaging stories. Whether it’s her investigative cover stories or bright news pieces, Stephanie delivers. She is flawless on deadlines. Her sly sense of humor and graceful style are also reflected in her prose.”

–Laurianne McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief


The Latest

Creators: Social is the New Black

Rather than hope for the blessing of an influential editor to launch her to fame, designer Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with her brother Uri, a software entrepreneur, to form direct relationships with customers using emerging technology platforms.

7-Eleven Takes a Big Gulp of Customer Data

The ubiquitous convenience store chain updates its loyalty program from punch cards to a mobile app for super-frequent patrons

The Interview: Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff

Sister and brother Rebecca and Uri Minkoff bring a yin and yang to their high-end fashion brand.

The Future Of Robotics: More Ironman, Less Terminator

As robots take over increasingly complex tasks, new forms of man-machine interaction will emerge and the structure of both industry and society will evolve to accommodate this emerging and symbiotic relationship.

Safeguarding the Internet of Things (WSJ/subscription required)

The Internet of Things delivers new ways to create and capture business value, but also creates some frightening new vulnerabilities that organizations must take specific actions to address.

Creators: Lessons From the CEO of the Maker Movement

You could call Mark Hatch the chief executive of the maker movement. Hatch runs TechShop, the first international chain of membership-based, do-it-yourself fabrication facilities in the U.S.

Contact Centers Face Growth Challenges (WSJ/subscription required)

A cohesive contact center technology strategy can support business expansion and enhance the customer experience.

Boards on High Alert Over Security Threats

Fear of cyberattacks has corporate directors on edge. CIOs must paint a realistic view of the company’s security posture and steer the conversation toward managing business risk.

CMOs Are Beginning to Fill CEO Seats

In early March McDonald’s former chief branding officer took over as CEO. Facing its biggest sales slump in more than a decade, it’s not surprising that the fast-food giant is looking to its marketing executive to engineer a corporate turnaround. But he’s just the latest marketer to take charge of a major company in recent years.

Supply Chain Fraud: Theft That’s Hidden in Plain Sight (PDF)

Companies are losing trillions – yes, trillions – of dollars each year to internal and external theives. Yet they may not even know it. Here’s why.

The IT Outsourcing Price Wars Are On

Outsourcing customers are seeing some IT services prices dip as much as 40 percent. But industry experts advise caution during this period of industry transition.

The CMO Interview: Brad Haugen of Entertainment Powerhouse SB Projects

SB Projects may not be a household name outside of the entertainment industry, but chances are you know its work. The 6-year old company is responsible for discovering such recording artists as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Carly Rae Jepsen—to name a few.

Building IT for Worst-Case Scenarios

The World Bank overhauls IT so it’s better prepared to do business in global hotspots where war, disease and poverty may be among the challenges of everyday life.

No Bugs Allowed

At nuclear power plants, mobile app development can’t be quick and dirty.

Tilling Big Data to Grow Sales

How lawn and power tools company STIHL uses marketing analytics to compete with big box stores.

Business Networks: The Platforms for Future Innovation (PDF)

Building on the early days of electronic trading networks, richer collaboration networks will enable companies to engage more deeply with customers, suppliers, banks, and other trading partners.

Tiny Sensors, Big Risks

Think through privacy, compliance, and other legal gotchas inherent in the Internet of Things.

CIOs Vs. Cancer

A coalition of IT chiefs are on a mission to put cancer out of business.

The Interview: Diane Scott, CMO, Western Union

The $5.5 billion company bridges gaps in the financial services sector and bridges distances for its customers, many of whom are migrant workers sending money back home to support their families

Virtual Engineers Could Transform IT Outsourcing

European oil company Rompetrol fled a disastrous outsourcing deal with the help of new autonomic IT infrastructure services from IPsoft.

Mercedes-AMG: A Showcase for Real-Time Business Decisions (PDF)

Mercedes-AMG is the high performance unit of Mercedes-Benz, testing the limits of driving dynamics and performance with its hand-built engines. But the division is also a testing ground for revving up real-time business performance.

Big Data From Both Sides: CMOs, CIOs Speak Out

The lines between IT and marketing are blurring in the age of digital marketing.

HBR: Making the Real-Time Enterprise a Reality (PDF)

Business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies, private- and public-sector
organizations alike are transforming not only their systems but also their cultures and processes, to take advantage of an increasing volume of data collected in the moment.

Are You Ready For Your Future Customers?

Post-Millennials. Digital natives. Generation Z. While no clear definition of the newest consumer cohort exists, this is clear: If you’re not creating a distinct plan for reaching out to this generation—some of whom haven’t even been born yet—then you’re running out of time.

The Make-For-Me Future

 Some commodities are just commodities. Everything else is up for grabs.

Make Way for Millennials (PDF)

No chilled vodka in the company fridge? No worries. Here are better ways to engage Gen Y.

Can Customization Be Profitable? (PDF)

From bespoke leather stitching on a Maserati Grancabrio to do-it-yourself soda flavors at a Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain, customers are increasingly demanding – and getting – individual customization from companies.

A New Industrial Revolution: The Innovation Economy and Manufacturing (PDF)

We are leaving the industrial economy and entering the innovation
economy, where manufacturing is a commodity and the idea – intellectual
property (IP) – trumps all.

Invasion of the Data Scientists

Leading HR departments are turning to “talent analytics” for a wide range of staffing issues, and CIOs are at the center of this data-driven transformation.

Custom-Fit Rewards (PDF)

IT helps next-generation customer loyalty programs make emotional connections that pay off.

It’s “Take and Give” for Marketing in Today’s Digital World

More and more, individuals want to know when data about them is being collected, what is being stored and by whom, and how that information is being used. And they may even want a piece of the action.

An App for Applicants (PDF)

A good sandwich artist is hard to find. Subway’s tablet app attracts more job candidates and helps franchisees streamline the hiring process.

Jewelry Chain Tests Geofencing (PDF)

Alex & Ani pilots an in-store mobile marketing platform.

Flying Blind (PDF)

Airlines have the data they need to reduce delays from equipment problems–and even to stop problems before they occur–saving billions and making customers happier to boot. Here’s how to do it.

Gambling on Startups (PDF)

Partnering with no-name vendors can lead to a big payoff or a total bust.

KPIs of the Planet: Integrating Sustainability into Corporate Decision Making

Doing well by doing good is an admirable goal. But business decisions are built on the bottom line.

IBM Beats Indiana in Outsourcing Case No One ‘Deserves to Win’

A rare and costly judgment in favor of the IT service provider yields lessons about the folly of public sector mega outsourcing deals, the importance of a detailed contract, and why IT can’t outsource responsibility.

New Sheriff in Town

Texas state CIO wrangles outsourcers into unusual deal.

Boeing Adopts Sci-Fi Data Manipulation Model

Boeing’s defense business wanted to interact with battle simulations using the same gestural input Tom Cruise used in the movie “Minority Report.”

Paging Dr. Watson (PDF)

Wellpoint leverages the famous IBM supercomputer to improve cancer treatment plans.

Selected Works

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IT in the Aftermath: At the Center of a New World
CIO Magazine

On Facebook: My mother, my ‘friend’
The Christian Science Monitor

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CIO Magazine

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Good Housekeeping

Endgame (Content for film’s website)
PBS Masterpiece

Why the Recession Isn’t Driving Down Outsourcing Prices
The New York Times

Life Insurance: Never Trust a Salesman

Wireless Winelist (PDF)
CIO magazine

Saving Chrysler (PDF)
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Grill-Beer Pairings
Thrillist Boston

Bound to Fail (PDF)
CIO magazine

What CEOs Want from Their CMOs

Backsourcing Pain (PDF)
CIO magazine

A Call to TIe Pay to Risk (PDF)
CIO magazine

Your World… Hacked (PDF)
CIO magazine


Stephanie Overby is an award-winning reporter, writer, and editor with more than twenty years of professional journalism experience. For the last decade, her work has focused on the intersection of business and technology, but she has written about everything from wedding planning to Wall Street during her career.

Stephanie’s articles been featured in a variety of publications, including Good Housekeeping,, WGBH Interactive, CIO magazine, Christian Science Monitor,, Thrillist, SmartMoney,,,, The Industry Standard,, Silicon Alley Daily,, and HOTELS.

Stephanie’s work has been recognized by the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE);  American Business Media’s Jesse H. Neal Awards; the Trade, Association, and Business Publications International’s TABBIE awards, and the National Magazine Awards.

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