5 Trends That Are Redefining Advertising

Just how do you engage with consumers who are being constantly bombarded with texts and tweets, emails and social media likes, push notifications and AI bots at their beck and call? You have to find new ways to meet them where they are.

Leadership: It’s All in Your Mindfulness

It’s tempting to dismiss mindfulness as magical thinking—until you connect it to the hard science and ROI underpinning its success inside organizations.

Domo Arigato, Partner Roboto

As robots smarten up, they are more likely to collaborate with humans than replace them.

How To Boost Your Learning Agility

In the era of digital transformation, change is frequent and ongoing—and some of the traditional hallmarks of effective leadership are shifting as well. While in the past it may have made sense to seek out leaders who were decisive experts, what’s needed today—perhaps more than anything—is adaptability.

Multiplier Effect

How machine learning creates room for continuous business model innovation.

Fast Start Guide: Creating a sense of urgency, with John Kotter

John Kotter, organizational change guru and author of “Leading Change” and “A Sense of Urgency,” shares five tips to help leaders infuse a sense of urgency within teams.