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Mindfulness And The Importance Of Digital Disengagement

In the age of digital disruption, one decidedly analog solution is becoming increasingly popular: the practice of mindfulness and, often in association with it, meditation.

Creators: Zipline Offers Drone Aid to Remote Health Clinics

Drones get a bad rap, but Keller Rinaudo, co-founder and CEO of Zipline International, sees the technology instead as a lifesaving mode of transport.

How to run meetings that hurt less

The human brain constantly scans for threats and rewards. Use these five neuroscience-based tactics to run meetings that are less painful and more productive.

4 ways to harness the upside of stress

Can you adjust your response to stressful situations – to your advantage? Try these techniques.

Back to the Futures

Uncertainty is here to stay. By imagining multiple destinies and working back to the present, companies can prepare for anything

IT recruiting: 8 creative strategies that work

You can’t offer $10,000 signing bonuses? You’re not alone. Try these approaches to lure IT talent

Futurist Bob Johansen on Leading Through Chaos

Social Robotics Pioneer Cynthia Breazeal Builds Your BFF

Jibo founder and chief scientist Cynthia Breazeal is designing robots to be sociable companions and helpers.

Everyone Wants Digital Transformation… But How Do You Measure It?

New KPIs to gauge transformation.

The New DNA of Change

Traditional change management won’t work in the era of digital transformation. Organizations need to learn how to change constantly and cope with the pain that it causes.

Meet the New Chief Growth Officer

The ability to connect the dots between marketing efforts and revenue generation has shone a spotlight on CMOs and their teams. There is an increasing expectation that marketing will serve as the growth engine for companies.

Customer Experience Is Misunderstood, Says Retail Futurist Doug Stephens talked to Stephens about the challenges of future casting, the trends reshaping retail, and how brands can prepare for the probable future.

Banding Together on Blockchain

Blockchain technology derives its value from network effects, compelling CIOs and their companies to work with partners and even competitors to develop the standards and infrastructure required for commercial success.

Creators: Triggr Health Taps Machine Learning to Prevent Substance Abuse

Heroes in the Race to Save Antibiotics

Misuse and abuse of antibiotics have spawned antibiotic-resistant superbugs that turn minor cuts into killers. Researchers are using digital to battle what could be the deadliest and most costly human-made catastrophe in modern times.

You Can Build a Crisis-Resilient Brand

Brands are more susceptible to catastrophe today than at any point in modern history.

The 6 Pitfalls Of Purpose Marketing

Corporate social responsibility, in its myriad forms, is quickly evolving from a nice-to-have marketing asset to a brand requirement. How to do good–well.

Ride Sharing Goes Hyperlocal with Jugnoo

Samar Singla’s auto rickshaw business Jugnoo, seeks the same haven from crowded entrepreneurial scenes and business markets as Singla himself.

MGM Resorts’ Tomovich: There’s No Substitute For Experience talked to Tomovich about the industry’s late embrace of technology innovation, the value of the human touch in delivering a superior customer experience, and what everyone gets wrong about customer loyalty.

Empathy: The Killer App for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence that reads and responds to our emotions is the killer app of the digital economy. It will make customers and employees happier—as long as it learns to respect our boundaries.

Machine Learning: The Real Business Intelligence

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and—more importantly—machine learning, true business intelligence is actually on its way to the enterprise. Such self-learning software will run on servers, be built into bots, drive decision-making systems, be embedded into cars or aircraft, and become the beating heart of mobile devices.

Big Data: Better Than Big Muscles

Travis McDonough has always been looking for a competitive edge. As an amateur athlete “on the small side,” he sought other ways—exercise, nutrition, strategy—to get ahead. Today McDonough is the of CEO of Kinduct, a provider of cloud-based software that analyzes data from wearables, electronic medical records, computer vision solutions, and more to assess and make recommendations about physical human performance.

HBR: Enterprises Lack Big Data Strategy for IoT Transformation

Internet of Things (IoT) technology holds incredible promise for transforming the enterprise, but one of the biggest hurdles for companies implementing IoT will be extracting insight from the incredible volumes of fast-moving data these systems produce and integrating that resulting intelligence into business processes in real time.

For Election Data Experts, A Stunning Conclusion

For those charged with analyzing polling and turnout data to predict the outcome of the 2016 U.S. election, the question now is, “How did we get this so wrong?”

How Sci-Fi’s Happy Endings Will Alter the Future of Technology

Sci-fi stories that contain hopeful elements—even if they are rife with drama, conflict and robot battles—have the potential to inspire real innovation.

Stoli SVP Of Innovation Intent On Getting ‘Liquid To Lips’

Mike Oringer jokes that he has syrup running through his veins. Today, Oringer has moved on to the hard stuff as senior vice president of innovation and trade marketing for Stoli Group USA.

U.S. Elections And Politics: Four Questions For The Data Miners

Big Data is a big deal, especially in U.S. politics. Four experts discuss the biggest advances in data analysis, current challenges, voter opinions, and more.

Keds’ CMO Culp Guides Heritage Brand Into Digital Age

Last July, Culp took her first CMO role at Keds, where she’s charged with bringing the century-old brand to the millennial consumer. While the title is clear, the role is fluid.

The Robotics Race

Robots are evolving into our collaborators, extensions, and yes, replacements at a pace that will both inspire and challenge business and society to keep up.

A Digital Dozen: 12 Traits Of The Truly Creative CMO

The thriving creative CMO of 2016 looks markedly different today than he or she did 20—or even two—years ago.

What the Top Restaurant in U.S. Can Teach About the Digital Economy

Celebrity chef Grant Achatz and business partner Nick Kokonas have been shaking up the fine-dining scene in Chicago since launching Alinea in 2005. Now they aim to disrupt the decades-old dining reservations process with a cloud-based platform that enables restaurants to sell seats the way theaters and sports teams do.

Luis Iván Cuende: Bitcoin Blockchain Entrepreneur

The 20-year-old is CTO of Stampery, a startup which leverages the Bitcoin blockchain—the shared public ledger that records and secures Bitcoin currency transactions—to provide instant data notarization and document certification.

Sherry Turkle: We Need to Talk

We talked to Turkle about the value of human interaction that is unmediated by technology, when to choose talking over texts and e-mail, and how corporate leaders can revive conversation in the digital workplace.

Countering the Growing Threat of Cyber Blackmail

Cyber blackmail presents corporate leadership with the age-old dilemma: to pay or not to pay. The answer is complicated because it’s not always clear what you are paying for. But there are steps companies can take to avoid being placed in this perilous position in the first place and protocols that can help guide organizations once they find themselves there.

Bring Your Robot to Work

As debate rages over the impact of robots on jobs, an interesting thing is happening: Robots aren’t simply evolving as human replacements, they’re also becoming collaborators and extensions of human abilities.

Creators: Social is the New Black

Rather than hope for the blessing of an influential editor to launch her to fame, designer Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with her brother Uri, a software entrepreneur, to form direct relationships with customers using emerging technology platforms.

7-Eleven Takes a Big Gulp of Customer Data

The ubiquitous convenience store chain updates its loyalty program from punch cards to a mobile app for super-frequent patrons

The Interview: Uri Minkoff, CEO of Rebecca Minkoff

Sister and brother Rebecca and Uri Minkoff bring a yin and yang to their high-end fashion brand.

The Future Of Robotics: More Ironman, Less Terminator

As robots take over increasingly complex tasks, new forms of man-machine interaction will emerge and the structure of both industry and society will evolve to accommodate this emerging and symbiotic relationship.

Safeguarding the Internet of Things (WSJ/subscription required)

The Internet of Things delivers new ways to create and capture business value, but also creates some frightening new vulnerabilities that organizations must take specific actions to address.

Creators: Lessons From the CEO of the Maker Movement

You could call Mark Hatch the chief executive of the maker movement. Hatch runs TechShop, the first international chain of membership-based, do-it-yourself fabrication facilities in the U.S.

Contact Centers Face Growth Challenges (WSJ/subscription required)

A cohesive contact center technology strategy can support business expansion and enhance the customer experience.

Boards on High Alert Over Security Threats

Fear of cyberattacks has corporate directors on edge. CIOs must paint a realistic view of the company’s security posture and steer the conversation toward managing business risk.

Supply Chain Fraud: Theft That’s Hidden in Plain Sight (PDF)

Companies are losing trillions – yes, trillions – of dollars each year to internal and external theives. Yet they may not even know it. Here’s why.

The CMO Interview: Brad Haugen of Entertainment Powerhouse SB Projects

SB Projects may not be a household name outside of the entertainment industry, but chances are you know its work. The 6-year old company is responsible for discovering such recording artists as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Carly Rae Jepsen—to name a few.

Building IT for Worst-Case Scenarios

The World Bank overhauls IT so it’s better prepared to do business in global hotspots where war, disease and poverty may be among the challenges of everyday life.

No Bugs Allowed

At nuclear power plants, mobile app development can’t be quick and dirty.

CIOs Vs. Cancer

A coalition of IT chiefs are on a mission to put cancer out of business.

The Make-For-Me Future

 Some commodities are just commodities. Everything else is up for grabs.

Can Customization Be Profitable? (PDF)

From bespoke leather stitching on a Maserati Grancabrio to do-it-yourself soda flavors at a Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain, customers are increasingly demanding – and getting – individual customization from companies.

A New Industrial Revolution: The Innovation Economy and Manufacturing (PDF)

We are leaving the industrial economy and entering the innovation
economy, where manufacturing is a commodity and the idea – intellectual
property (IP) – trumps all.

Invasion of the Data Scientists

Leading HR departments are turning to “talent analytics” for a wide range of staffing issues, and CIOs are at the center of this data-driven transformation.

Flying Blind (PDF)

Airlines have the data they need to reduce delays from equipment problems–and even to stop problems before they occur–saving billions and making customers happier to boot. Here’s how to do it.

Paging Dr. Watson (PDF)

Wellpoint leverages the famous IBM supercomputer to improve cancer treatment plans.

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